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IdĽcie tedy i czyńcie uczniami wszystkie narody...
im. Pawła Apostoła
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Photostory from mission trips
Szkoła Misyjna
Mission trip - Gagauzia /Moldova/ (2014, September 13-28)
Szkoła Misyjna im. Pawła Apostoła
In Przemysl - Poland, before we went to Gagauzia.
Best fun with kids on the sand!
Fun with animation headscarf .
With Ms Maria Semyonovna, who is the school principal.
Our team which changed the roof with home owner - Grigori.
The team in action.
As a guests in Sidor home!
Our team which pulling out a tooth with Mrs. Marinka.
Farewell dinner with the villagers.
As the guests of President Gagauzia - Mr. Mikhail Makarowich Formuzal.
As the guests of the Polish ambassador in Moldova and his wife
- Mr. Artur Michalski and Eve.