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im. Pawła Apostoła
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Our vision
Szkoła Misyjna

The Lord has placed the desire on our hearts to make disciples of Christ from all nations, peoples, and languages of the earth.  We want to imitate the Apostle Paul, whose boasting was in proclaiming the Gospel in places where the name of Christ was not known (Romans 15:20)


Our purpose is to help you:
•to discover and understand your missions calling;
•to understand missions activity in a different culture;
•to grow in your ability to work together with others in a team.

The goal of the school is the selection and preparation of volunteer missionaries to work beyond the borders of Poland.  We desire that Polish missionaries would not only be recruited and sent to the place of their calling, but that they would go there prepared and organized as a team.  We believe that the Polish church is able to lead organized and Spirit-led missions activity, as well as to take the spiritual and financial responsibility for the sent missionaries.
Poles Sending Poles

In Poland we still think that we are not ready to send missionaries. We think that because Poland only has 0.1% evangelical Christians, we should receive missionaries, not send missionaries. As a nation, we have a tendency of receiving from other nations, but not giving to other nations. This is a reflection of our churches also; and in my perspective this is one ofthe critical reasons why the church in Poland is not growing. A church that receives and gives back nothing dies, but a church that receives and gives back lives. My conviction is that if thePolish church will begin sending out missionaries, this will bring life and development to ourchurches.

“This school,” comments Greg St. Cyr (Campus Crusade’s Country Director in Poland in the early 90s), “is the next step in the fulfillment of a dream that Poland become a sending country. That has long been our vision… that God would use Poles, especially to reach into the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.”
Szkoła Misyjna im. Pawła Apostoła