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im. Pawła Apostoła
Photostory from mission trips
Szkoła Misyjna
Mission trip - Gagauzia /Moldova/ 2018
(September 09-22)
Szkoła Misyjna im. Pawła Apostoła
E-Mail: biuro@szkola-misyjna.org
I am one of the people who took part in a missionary trip to Moldova, as well as a student of the Mission School. It was my first trip to the "East" and I am very grateful to God for leading me there. In Moldova, we had the opportunity to serve the Lord in various ways. We had meetings with children, we visited elderly, ill people to share the Gospel. The faces of these beloved people, and all that we could experience there with God's grace will remain in my head for a long time. I loved the fact that we had the opportunity to "open the door" where we lived. Anyone who ever wanted, could visit us, drink the tea together, eat something, talk with us... whether it were our brothers and sisters, or a little girl who ate dinner with us, or sick Mr. Kola ...
I experienced something special in Joltai, and it felt like the time slowed down there. Nobody was in a hurry, people greeted us on the streets and asked why we came or just about how is our day going. We could go to these people with food or clothes, and sometimes it was enough to show them love, to listen them and show them our support. People did not have much there, often they did not have anything, but they still gave us whatever they had best. The children hugged us, wanting to catch even just a bit of the love we could give them. (...)
It was an amazing experience, something I cannot describe with words. It felt so beautiful to be able to help these people and often without hearing the word ‘thank you’, but knowing that you do not do it for yourself but only for God's glory.