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im. Pawła Apostoła
Photostory from mission trips
Szkoła Misyjna
Mission trip - Gagauzia /Moldova/ 2019
(September 08-21)
Szkoła Misyjna im. Pawła Apostoła
E-Mail: biuro@szkola-misyjna.org
Staying there was a huge experience for me ... Two weeks in a new place, with people of different characters, with challenges and experiences provided for each day, was an emotional bomb for me!
I am grateful that God not only changed the inhabitants of Joltai, but also changed me - my character and my heart. I am also glad that I could do things that
I have not tried before, such as picking grapes from the field and making juice, as well as the prayer of the village. God has made more and more people in Joltai open and willing to talk to us about Christ and to give them practical help.